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Our FJAA Interactive Guide is the ONLY Federal Resume Guide that provides Instructions on
How to Find and Use the OPM’s Position Classification Information so that YOU can write Your Own Extremely Effective Federal Resume

Federal Human Resources Specialists will FIRST review a resume to see if it meets ALL OF THE OPM’s CRITERIA for the position  

Therefore, you should be Certain that you write your resume in a way which FULLY meets the OPM’s criteria for the Series, the Grade, and the Classification of the position BEFORE writing your resume in a way which supports the vacancy announcement’s position specific criteria.

Our FJAA Interactive Guide is the ONLY Federal Resume Guide which shows you Step-by-Step how to FIND AND USE the OPM’s POSITION SPECIFIC LANGUAGE that is needed to Describe Your Employment History, Education, General Experience, Specialized Experience, and KSA’s in a way which FULLY Supports the Series, the Grade, the Classification, and the Vacancy Announcement criteria for the Position.

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The OPM uses specific terminology to define EVERY federal position.   Throughout the 20 years of evaluating federal resumes the author of the FJAA Interactive Guide often thought,  “This person Probably is the perfect person for the job… It’s a shame that I have to put this resume into the “Not Qualified” stack of application packages”.    Why does that happen so often during the federal resume rating process?

The Hiring Manager WILL NEVER see your resume if it is rated as “Not Qualified” by the Federal Human Resources Specialist.

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Our Guide provides real-life examples with Step-by-Step Interactive Instructions that Step applicants through the process of HOW to FIND and USE the OPM’s Position Specific Language.   THE OPM’s POSITION SPECIFIC LANGUAGE Should Always be used to Describe Your Unique Experience/Education in Your Federal Resume (Employment History, Education, Specialized Experience, General Experience, and KSA’s). 

Use of the OPM’s Position Specific Language is ABSOLUTELY KEY in order for a federal resume to be rated as “Best Qualified”

Resumes submitted for federal positions are rated as “Not Qualified”, “Qualified”, “Well Qualified”, or “Best Qualified”
Resumes rated as “Best Qualified” are forwarded to the Hiring Manager for Interview

The FJAA Interactive Guide provides Excellent Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions so that Your Federal Resume can be rated as “Best Qualified”

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