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About the Author

The author of the Federal Jobs Application Advice ® (FJAA) Interactive Guide was employed by the U.S. Federal Government as a Federal Human Resources Specialist during a period of time spanning more than 20 Years.  During that 20 year period of time the author’s primary responsibility was to Rate the Resumes of Federal Job Applicants in order to Identify the Best Qualified Applicants. (Resumes rated as “Best Qualified” are forwarded for Interview).   Additionally, the author of the Federal Jobs Application Advice ® (FJAA) Interactive Guide is recognized throughout the U.S. Federal Government as a Senior Expert in Position Recruitment, Position Classification, and Federal Resume Analysis. 

The OPM uses specific terminology to define EVERY federal position.   Throughout the 20 years of evaluating federal resumes the author often thought,  “This person Probably is the perfect person for the job… It’s a shame that I have to put this resume into the “Not Qualified” stack of application packages”.    Why does that happen so often during the federal resume rating process?

After evaluating of thousands of federal resumes for many different federal agencies, the author created the FJAA Interactive Guide.   This Guide provides real-life examples with Step-by-Step Interactive Instructions that guide applicants through the process of HOW to FIND and USE the OPM’s Position Specific Language.   THE OPM’s POSITION SPECIFIC LANGUAGE Should Always be used to Describe and Support Your Unique Experience/Education in Your Federal Resume (Employment History, Education, Specialized Experience, General Experience, and KSA’s). 

The FJAA Interactive Guide provides Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions on How to write an Extremely Effective Federal Resume

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